One world
one mission

The brand’s marketing story is just as unique as Jägermeister: a history of bold and unique ideas. Ever since its birth, Jägermeister has been led by people who have dared to forge new paths and rewrite the rules. Its marketing has stayed close to the target group and shaped the spirit of the times.

The focus has always been community: Curt Mast created the herbal liqueur for his fellow hunters. Today, Jägermeister creates the “best nights” for its fans. Far from being a sterile construct, the Jägermeister brand is an attitude that’s very much alive. We live it every day, all over the world.

In the 1960s, the company made an important decision: instead of producing a large number of products, it focused on Jägermeister and began to develop its export business in markets such as Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and Denmark.

A lot has changed since then: Over 80 percent of Jägermeister’s total sales are now generated abroad.

Today, the largest Jägermeister markets are Germany, the United States, China and Russia.

Jägermeister and music simply belong together. Jägermeister has been actively involved in the music scene since 2001. Because the best nights around the world not only need the perfect shot, but also the right beats.

The new brand positioning or brand world was launched in May 2017. Once a key colour, orange is now only used for accents. Dark greens dominate and the world-famous logo appears in gold. The new positioning emphasises core brand attributes such as irreverence and perfect craftsmanship.

Jägermeister has always been there when there’s something to celebrate – at festivals and concerts, in bars or at events.